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Nate Nagvajara is a 23 year old Los Angeles based comedian. He started doing stand-up while going to school at Case Western Reserve University where he studied Ancient Greek & Roman Civilization. Nate decided to pursue comedy after he realized he was going to have a tough time making money with a degree that focused on Centaurs and Medusa. He now performs shows throughout the country (and once in Barcelona), and has opened for comedy stars like Jimmy O. Yang, JR de Guzman, amongst many others. He has over 2 million likes on TikTok and has performed at Fuse Fest (Dayton), Good Karma Fest (NYC, Virtual), The US Comedy Contest (LA, Virtual), The Laugh Factory (LA), Flappers (LA, Virtual), and The Comic Strip Live (NYC). He also showcased his dramatic chops when he played a Foster Youth on a PBS SOCAL advertisement that aired in the winter of 2023.

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Do you have questions about any of my work? Would you like to collaborate together on a project? Please feel free to get in touch with me today. My e-mail is Thanks!


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